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Find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about dogs, including questions about breeds, grooming, health and behavior and everything in between.


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Welcoming a dog into your home requires a lot of work and preparation. To get you started, we'll help with training, discipline, play time and everything in between.

You may not realize it but the products you use to keep your house clean could be dangerous, or even toxic, for your dog. Many commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous for your dog if he inhales or ingests them.
You may not realize it but the products you use to keep your house clean could be dangerous, or even toxic, for your dog. Many commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous for your dog if he inhales or ingests them.
Many dog parents keep cleaning products that are not safe for dogs around the house.  Cheaper and just as effective as the products you buy at the store, we’ve found a few DIY cleaning supplies you already have in your pantry.
Many dog parents keep cleaning products that are not safe for dogs around the house. Cheaper and just as effective as the products you buy at the store, we’ve found a few DIY cleaning supplies you already have in your pantry.
Thankfully, this family is one of the 16% of dog owners who drive with their pet in a restraint. One dog owner shares his experience involving a collision with a tractor trailer. His Collapsible Impact Dog Crate may be responsible for saving his dog's life.


"Adopting Hank was easy... training him was not as easy. He came with severe separation anxiety, destructive tendencies, and is an escape artist with ANY dog crate he's ever been put in." 


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"This is a very emotional review for me to write. We got our German Shepherd puppy, Tabatha Grace, in September - she had been pulled from Houston-Harris County Animal Shelter in August, just moments before she was to be taken back and euthanized..."


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Professional dog handler, Ed, shares his most important tips for choosing the perfect crate size for your pup.


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I love that I can fly
with 2 crates. I can have my crate, my table, my wheels and 2 dogs all in one, and the airlines always love them. They’re always like 'oh my gosh these are so much safer!'

      Ed roamed around the Rose City Classic Dog Show in between his events to see everyone's Impact Dog Crates. Check out his Live video as he puts people on the spot to ask them what they think of their own Impact Dog Crates and grooming arm setups! Enjoy!

Rose City Classic Dog Shows

Posted by Impact Dog Crates on Friday, January 18, 2019

      Did you catch a glimpse of something you liked? Here are all of the Impact Dog Crates products shown in this video:

Grooming Arm, Rail, and Pad for Stationary Crates
Grooming Arm Rail and Pad for Stationary Crates

Here are my helpful tips for preparing to travel with multiple dogs on a 10-hour International flight.


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June 21st is National Dog Party Day. Here are our favorite party ideas to help you throw the coolest dog party ever!


Our Dutch Shepherd, "Zero, has gone through multiple kennels in a very short period of time. From wire to plastic he continually put them to the test and won." Here is how he feels about his new Stationary Impact Dog Crate.


All 9 Dogs involved in Trailer Rollover were Safe in Impact Dog Crates.


If I could go back in time, I would have purchased this high anxiety dog crate the second we rescued Jorah. We are now able to crate him and know he is safe and can't hurt himself trying to escape. Best crate on the market. 2 year dog damage protection warranty.


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Here's some inspiration to get you started on your dream conversion van, work truck and anything in between. See our Top 3 Favorite Dog Haulers with Stationary and Collapsible Impact Dog Crates!








Meet Rony, Utah's hardest working Narcotics Detection and Patrol K9! From chasing down bad guys to sniffing suspicious vehicles for drugs, this pup is excited to respond to any call that comes his way! Rony's handler and best friend, Deputy/Paramedic Larsen, gives us the inside scoop of a day in the life of a working dog. 

  • Do you have a cool story or favorite memory of Rony?
"Rony’s first arrest as a patrol dog was assisting a local police department with finding two guys who had been driving a stolen car that ran from their officers, wrecked into a house and then fled on foot. He ended up tracking them for about 90 minutes through thick thorn brush and trees on a hillside, while they ran. We cleared multiple sheds and pushed one guy right into waiting officers, where he was arrested without anyone getting hurt."
  • How long has Rony been in the force?
"Rony and I were partnered in Nov. 2015, when he was purchased from the local kennel at 16 months old, and we have been working the streets since then."
  • Describe a day in the life of a Police/Narcotics Detection K9.
"A day in our life consists of signing on duty, where we are typically the only available...

This is a heartwarming rescue story of a puppy who endured months of neglect and was thrown from a car before appearing at the doorstep of his new, loving family. Here's his story, as told by his new mother, Kelci.

-"Sue had no idea what petting was..."

"I was outside in our fenced yard with Charlie, our pit bull, and we were playing around with some sticks when I heard a car stop beside me. I thought it was our neighbors so I was about to wave hi, but it was a car I had never seen before. They stopped, opened the door and pushed a small, spotted puppy out of the car and drove off. I waved at the driver to stop, thinking it might have been an accident, but they just kept going. This poor puppy immediately saw us and started moving towards the fence as I ran over to pick him up. He was a skinny, muddy pit bull roughly 4 months old. We fed him, gave him a bath, and then checked the local Facebook and Vet offices to see if anyone was looking for him. After a week we gave up and decided to keep him; he needed a lot of love.

We named him Sue, which seemed fitting. Yep, a boy named Sue. It was amazing to see the instant connection he had with Charlie. It didn't take long to...

Jumping high, swimming fast, and barking are just a few of the many incredible features the majestic dolphin is known for. The legs and fur are unusual traits for this species, but this team of domesticated dolphins use these unique attributes to their advantage. These aquatic mammals are passionate about competing in water sports, and have adapted to dog toys and car rides. For this week's Working Dog Wednesday, we've decided not to feature a dog this time, but three hard working dolphins! Meet the Team Trifecta Dock Dogs: Parker, Dillon and Axel! These athletic pups will blow your minds with their incredible hops and love for water, you might even forget they're dogs! Here is their story:

Meet the pups: Axel is a seven-year-old chocolate Labrador, Dillon is a five-year-old yellow Labrador, and Parker is a two-year-old Black Lab/GSP mix. We have all three of the Labrador Retriever colors, hence why our team name is Team Trifecta. Axel and Dillon have been competing for over three years and we are actively working on getting Parker to compete.

  • How did you get started with dock dog competitions?

April worked in a nursing home, where a guy who brought in his lab as a therapy...

At only 8 months old, this energetic black lab, named Keena, has already become a mountain dog at heart. She's been spending her first winter up at Copper Mountain in Colorado, playing in the snow, hanging out with fur-friends and human friends, and hopping onto chairlifts. If a dog could have a dream job, this would be the one! It's not all play for this pup though, Keena is actually training for a very serious career as an Avalanche Search and Rescue dog. She is fast and fearless, which is crucial when it comes down to saving someone's life in a matter of minutes. 

A SAR dog's senses are vital to finding and saving lives in all types of situations. For instance, an Avalanche dog can search one hectare (2.5 acres) in 30 minutes, which would take approximately 4 hours for 20 humans using avalanche probes, to search an equivalent area. Keena will have to prove she has what it takes to smell and dig as fast as the pros, and it looks like she's well on her way to becoming the freshest SAR powder pup in Colorado!




  • How did Keena become an Avalanche Rescue Dog, and what is the training involved?
Keena is still in training to be an Avalanche Rescue Dog, she was selected from a...