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You may not realize it but the products you use to keep your house clean could be dangerous, or even toxic, for your dog. Many commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous for your dog if he inhales or ingests them.
You may not realize it but the products you use to keep your house clean could be dangerous, or even toxic, for your dog. Many commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous for your dog if he inhales or ingests them.
Many dog parents keep cleaning products that are not safe for dogs around the house.  Cheaper and just as effective as the products you buy at the store, we’ve found a few DIY cleaning supplies you already have in your pantry.
Many dog parents keep cleaning products that are not safe for dogs around the house. Cheaper and just as effective as the products you buy at the store, we’ve found a few DIY cleaning supplies you already have in your pantry.







Meet Rony, Utah's hardest working Narcotics Detection and Patrol K9! From chasing down bad guys to sniffing suspicious vehicles for drugs, this pup is excited to respond to any call that comes his way! Rony's handler and best friend, Deputy/Paramedic Larsen, gives us the inside scoop of a day in the life of a working dog. 

  • Do you have a cool story or favorite memory of Rony?
"Rony’s first arrest as a patrol dog was assisting a local police department with finding two guys who had been driving a stolen car that ran from their officers, wrecked into a house and then fled on foot. He ended up tracking them for about 90 minutes through thick thorn brush and trees on a hillside, while they ran. We cleared multiple sheds and pushed one guy right into waiting officers, where he was arrested without anyone getting hurt."
  • How long has Rony been in the force?
"Rony and I were partnered in Nov. 2015, when he was purchased from the local kennel at 16 months old, and we have been working the streets since then."
  • Describe a day in the life of a Police/Narcotics Detection K9.
"A day in our life consists of signing on duty, where we are typically the only available...

This is a heartwarming rescue story of a puppy who endured months of neglect and was thrown from a car before appearing at the doorstep of his new, loving family. Here's his story, as told by his new mother, Kelci.

-"Sue had no idea what petting was..."

"I was outside in our fenced yard with Charlie, our pit bull, and we were playing around with some sticks when I heard a car stop beside me. I thought it was our neighbors so I was about to wave hi, but it was a car I had never seen before. They stopped, opened the door and pushed a small, spotted puppy out of the car and drove off. I waved at the driver to stop, thinking it might have been an accident, but they just kept going. This poor puppy immediately saw us and started moving towards the fence as I ran over to pick him up. He was a skinny, muddy pit bull roughly 4 months old. We fed him, gave him a bath, and then checked the local Facebook and Vet offices to see if anyone was looking for him. After a week we gave up and decided to keep him; he needed a lot of love.

We named him Sue, which seemed fitting. Yep, a boy named Sue. It was amazing to see the instant connection he had with Charlie. It didn't take long to...

Jumping high, swimming fast, and barking are just a few of the many incredible features the majestic dolphin is known for. The legs and fur are unusual traits for this species, but this team of domesticated dolphins use these unique attributes to their advantage. These aquatic mammals are passionate about competing in water sports, and have adapted to dog toys and car rides. For this week's Working Dog Wednesday, we've decided not to feature a dog this time, but three hard working dolphins! Meet the Team Trifecta Dock Dogs: Parker, Dillon and Axel! These athletic pups will blow your minds with their incredible hops and love for water, you might even forget they're dogs! Here is their story:

Meet the pups: Axel is a seven-year-old chocolate Labrador, Dillon is a five-year-old yellow Labrador, and Parker is a two-year-old Black Lab/GSP mix. We have all three of the Labrador Retriever colors, hence why our team name is Team Trifecta. Axel and Dillon have been competing for over three years and we are actively working on getting Parker to compete.

  • How did you get started with dock dog competitions?

April worked in a nursing home, where a guy who brought in his lab as a therapy...

At only 8 months old, this energetic black lab, named Keena, has already become a mountain dog at heart. She's been spending her first winter up at Copper Mountain in Colorado, playing in the snow, hanging out with fur-friends and human friends, and hopping onto chairlifts. If a dog could have a dream job, this would be the one! It's not all play for this pup though, Keena is actually training for a very serious career as an Avalanche Search and Rescue dog. She is fast and fearless, which is crucial when it comes down to saving someone's life in a matter of minutes. 

A SAR dog's senses are vital to finding and saving lives in all types of situations. For instance, an Avalanche dog can search one hectare (2.5 acres) in 30 minutes, which would take approximately 4 hours for 20 humans using avalanche probes, to search an equivalent area. Keena will have to prove she has what it takes to smell and dig as fast as the pros, and it looks like she's well on her way to becoming the freshest SAR powder pup in Colorado!




  • How did Keena become an Avalanche Rescue Dog, and what is the training involved?
Keena is still in training to be an Avalanche Rescue Dog, she was selected from a...

If you were one of the 111 million Americans zoned into the Super Bowl this year, then you may already know this floppy-eared pup! Meet Jack Daniel, the multi-talented Boxer with incredible Agility skills, and happens to be Tom Brady's puppy! Well, that last part isn't entirely true, but Jack definitely stole the spotlight from the Patriots Quarterback, when they starred together in the recent Intel Super Bowl commercial.

He may not be an NFL superstar, but Jack Daniel has an impressive stack of awards himself, including a Master's Standard Silver at the American K9 Country, Preferred Agility Championship Title (PACH) Champion, a Qualifier for the 2016 American Kennel Club National Agility Championship, and has competed twice at the Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championships. Jack shines no matter where he is, and has a proud mom (and trainer) to share his story!


Jack Daniel recently placed 4th in Jumpers at the Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championships, Congrats! How did he learn to become so focused despite the distractions of large crowds? 

We ran at Westminster last year and the crowds were our undoing. I went away from it knowing what we needed to work on. It...

This week's Working Dog Wednesday story might be the most inspiring one yet! It's hard to imagine this smart, friendly Search and Rescue K9 was once a timid shelter dog, who had lost hope waiting for a forever family. Luckily, Melissa, a local fire fighter and dog lover, came to the rescue and brought this special puppy home with her. Now, Chief is training as a SAR dog, and is the official mascot for the Hamel Fire Department, where he gets to hangout with his mom all the time! This WDW story goes out to you Chief!


For Working Dog Wednesday this month, we are recognizing our country's dedicated working dogs and their handlers, who serve and have served our community. March 13th honors all of these incredible K9s who spend each day protecting America and defending our freedom.

This week, we are so excited to show off this team of best friends, who patrol the Air Force base together, train together, and eat bacon together. Not everyone gets to work side-by-side with their closest friend, but USAF Security Forces Officer Connor is one of the lucky ones. Meet Connor's awesome partner, K9 Jack!


K9 Rev and his team, BORTAC, are standing by as we speak, ready to deploy to possibly the most brutal terrain in America, where some of the Nation's most dangerous criminals have signed up for the worst hide-and-seek game of their lives. Rev is a hardcore Patrol Canine who is always eager to introduce himself to the bad guys! For this week's Working Dog Wednesday, we're featuring this tough maligator and his handler, who proudly protect and serve our country!


National K9 Veterans' Day is March 13th, honoring all military and working dogs for their service and sacrifice for our nation. This month, we are recognizing our country's dedicated service dogs and their handlers, who serve and have served our community!

For this week's special Working Dog Wednesday, we are featuring a handsome black lab named Shade, and his partner Chief Keith Hutcheson. Shade spent the first 2 years of his life in tough conditions overseas in Iraq, working 6 days a week as an Explosives Detection dog. Now, at 5 and a half years young, he spends his time responding to calls in North Idaho as well as relaxing at home. Meet Shade, the most kind, gentle pup who loves to use his nose to find more than just a slice of pizza!


Meet Junie the Diabetic Alert Dog!


As with other animals of this energetic group, such as wolverines and badgers, Zoe Honey Badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness. They have been known to savagely and fearlessly attack almost any kind of avalanche, honey badger don't care. This specific breed of honey badger is native to Revelstoke Mountain in B.C., Canada, and uses it's adorable looks to lure in humans. This honey badger also kind of looks like a dog...

Meet Zoe aka The Honey Badger, this week's fierce little Working Dog Wednesday K9! She may be small and cute, but she has a big job as an Avalanche Search and Rescue Dog. 


The Alternative to the Wire Crate

It’s a scary thought crating your pup, whether it be for a couple minutes or a couple hours you want to make sure your dog will be safe, secure, and happy. For the longest time there have been very few alternatives to a traditional wire dog crate until now. Impact Dog Crates would like to present their brand new Hybrid Crate.

Why it’s Different

We took your traditional wire dog crate and completely reinvented it adding more durability, more safety, and more piece of mind to dog owners everywhere. Say goodbye to dangerous metal wires and say hello to aluminum crating engineered to keep a dog owners mind at ease, and a pup safe from harm.

Who it’s For

This crate was specifically designed for the simple pup. Designed to be used in your home this crate is engineered for the “Average Joe” dog. If your dog is known as a destroyer, suffers from high anxiety or storm phobia our high anxiety crates would be the best crates for you. If you are a frequent traveler and enjoy taking your best friend/adventure buddy with you our stationary line of crates is your best buy.

How does it compare?

A serious problem facing dog owners that use wire crates is...

Whats your dog’s favorite snack?

We are all guilty of it. Handing over our pup a table scrap, or my dog’s favorite a coveted piece of banana. Although there are many human foods dogs can enjoy no problem, there are also some that can be very harmful and even deadly to your pooch.

Here is a list of common foods you should NEVER let your dog consume:

Xylitol- this artificial sweetener is commonly found in candy and gum. This can lead to your pup’s blood sugar dropping and liver failure.

Avocado- avocados contain Persin which in large quantities can become poisonous to your pup.

Onions & Garlic- can kill your pup’s red blood cells causing anemia.

Grapes & Raisons- can cause kidney failure.

Milk & other Dairy Products- can cause digestive problems.

Macadamia Nuts- even in very small quantities macadamia nuts can cause muscle shakes, vomiting, high temperatures, and weakness in the back legs of your pup.

Chocolate- containing theobromine, chocolate is extremely toxic to your pup and can cause heart problems, tremors, seizers, and even death.

Fat Trimmings & Bones- both cooked and uncooked can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Bones can splinter and cause cuts in your dogs digestive...

Did you know that the average dog spends 12 to 14 hours sleeping per day? That’s half of your pup’s life dreaming about dog treats & belly scratches.

Dogs are very similar to humans in the way of which with age they become more prone to arthritis and other aliments such as:

            ▪           Other joint problems

            ▪           Hip dysplasia

            ▪           Generalized muscle loss associated with old age

            ▪           Dogs that have had orthopedic or neurological surgeries 

            ▪           Bone injuries (fractures, luxations, etc.)

            ▪           Soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments, etc.)


Not only do Orthopedic Dog Beds provide comfort by taking away painful pressure points that can flare up the aliments listed above, but they act as a preventive measure to help prevent painful diseases that could lead to costly vet bills.

Us as humans take every possible precaution to ensure we get a proper good nights sleep because we know the effect that sleep has on the body. As a pet owner its your responsible to ensure your dog gets the same.

Impact Dog Crates offers the highest quality Orthopedic Dog Beds for all sizes of...

Take a moment to think about the last time you drove around with your dog in the car. Did you have your dog restrained, or were you constantly reaching back to pet them, messing with the windows, or even allowing your dog to sit on your lap? An overwhelming 84% of dog owners drive with their pets unrestrained. Regardless of how short the ride is, you’re not just putting your unsecured pets at risk, but you’re also endangering yourself and other drivers. If you’re allowing your dog to roam freely in the car, it may be time to reconsider how you travel with your dog.

Distracted Driving
Sure, we all have our own innocent reasons for giving our dogs some freedom in the car. Maybe you just want your pups to enjoy the ride by letting them stick their heads out the window to feel the breeze, or you may feel bad if they’re not sitting next to you in the front seat. Well, guess what? A jaw-dropping 60% of dog owners admit to distracted driving caused by unrestrained dogs in the car.

Looking away for just two seconds doubles your risk of being involved in an accident, which is one of the frightening realities of driving. Years of comprehensive research have proven that child restraints...

5  Tips for Keeping Dogs Calm During Fireworks for the 4th!

The folks over at K9 of Mine love dogs as much as we do, and this year they’ve released this great infographic on How to Keep Dogs Safe & Calm for 4th of July Fireworks.

We are republishing the infographic here with their permission, along with a contributor article from K9 of Mine’s Meg Marrs. Enjoy!


  1. Get Your Dog Used to The Sound of Fireworks

The first step in keeping your canine calm during fireworks is to get them desensitized to the sound.

Find some videos of fireworks playing online (there are plenty on YouTube) and, as the sound and video play, begin giving your pup treats and playing with him.

The goal: to get your dog to associate the sound of fireworks with good, fun things like playtime and tasty goodies!


  1. Provide Your Dog With a Comfort Crate

Many dogs feel comforted by having their own crate they can go hide and burrow into when they hear those frightening fireworks.

Consider purchasing a crate that will help keep your pup safe and secure (at Impact Crates we have quite a decent selection).

Make your dog’s crate extra cozy with the addition of some blankets, a crate bed, and some favorite toys or...

Say goodbye to cracking plastic and unsanitary wood, The Impact Whelping Box is here to solve all your whelping box problems.

Its high-quality construction of light weight high grade aluminum allows stability and portability while powder coating ensures an easy sanitary clean up. A durable removable railing system is included to protect new born puppies from the harm of smothering. The door is low enough for the mother to come and go without rubbing her mammaries and still high enough to keep puppies from getting out.

The Impact Whelping Box is the ideal solution when it comes to keeping mom and her puppies in a safe and secure place. Unlike the traditional wood whelping box, high grade aluminum will not mold, or hold viruses, is more sanitary, non-porous, long lasting, and is easily broken down for fast storage. In comparison to a plastic whelping box our aluminum whelping box will not crack, and is built to last longer and have higher durability.

Click here to check it out!  



Avid blogger, decorator, and now new dog mom Holli loves everything old and new! Recently she added two new members to her family Ford & Cooper. With a passion for decorating Holli made her Impact Dog Crate a focal point in her beautiful home, choosing the bright lime green crate to give her space a pop of color! We got the details on Holli's new additions & how she chose her Impact Dog Crate! 

What sparked your inspiration in creating the blog?

  • My goal is to have creative conversations with my friends and followers, exchanging ideas and designing on a budget. Because my family and a healthy lifestyle are also important, I like to share tips and products that make family life easier and fun! You can check out Holli's Blog here!

How did you pick which breed of dogs to get?

  • My husband had a Weimaraner when we got married and I've been hooked ever since. They are the best family dogs, loyal, protective and fearless. We live in the country and they are the best snake killers I've ever seen. They love to be a part of the family and their favorite thing is just to be with you. 

How did you decide on a crate color?

  • We wanted something fun and fitting for two sweet boys! We live in...

Who is Canadian Bros? 

You may know them as Jasper & Louie the Pomsky & Eskiemute! They live with their owner Rodson in the core of downtown Calgary, AB Canada and make daily trips to the off-leash dog parks within 10 minutes away! On weekends, you'll find them with family, friends or in the mountains! One could they are they are the ultimate adventure pups!


Who are the Pups?  

Jasper was a clearance puppy Rodson adopted when he was 6 months old and unfortunately, he is still very shy and usually takes 2-3 meetings before he warms up to strangers. After a year and half of training Jasper, Rodson adopted Louie to be his “Social Protector” and now he takes all the attention away from Jasper which works out perfectly for them both. Louie was born in care 2 days after his mother was rescued from a hoarding of 140 dogs. Rodson was approved to adopt Louie at 10 weeks old after proving to the local shelter that Jasper and he were the perfect match for Louie. Jasper got his name because of his Blue eyes and white coat to represent the clear blue waters and white caps of Jasper National Park of Canada. Louie is named for his hazel eyes with various colors from Lake Louise all season...

Happy pup happy life right? 

Crate training is vital to many pet owners everywhere. Whether it be work, school, or a quick trip to the grocery store it is important to know that your pup will be safe, comfortable, and HAPPY! Here are our top tips and tricks for helping your pup love their crate! 

1. Take Time To Introduce The Crate 

This is vital for helping your pup adjust to their new environment. We suggest putting the crate in the main room of the house with the door open! Put a familiar bed, blanket, or even one of your worn T-shirts in the crate. This gives the pup a familiar scent in what may appear at first as a new and strange environment. Allow your pet to explore the crate at their own pace don't push the crate on them right away! If your dog naturally seems uninterested by the crate all together trying throwing their favorite treat in or around the crate! 

2. Meal Time

What does your pup love almost as much as you? Meal time. This is a great segue for helping get your pup use to their crate. If your pup is already comfortable going inside the crate place their food dish in the back of the crate. If your dog is nervous about entering the crate place the food dish in...

“For an adult dog like Maska, the benefits of a crate are different. Maska regards his crate as a safe urefuge when our house gets too hectic and he wants to sleep in the crate at night...”


EVERY Friday in October we gave away an Impact Dog Crate, and we are proud to announce that we are extending Freebie Friday until the end of the year!!! This weeks (11/3) Freebie Friday is going to be especially special because we are teaming up with our partners PetChatz to offer our followers the chance to win not only an Impact Dog Crate, but a Petchatz HD too! 


PetChatz HD is a Greet & Treat® videophone that allows you the ability to truly interact with your 'home alone pet' from anywhere. PetChatz provides 2-way video chats, treat-dispense, aromatherapy, sound and motion detection and the ability to stream DogTV.




STEP 1- Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Make sure you also follow PetChatz for this weeks giveaway! 

STEP 2- Turn on post notifications! 

STEP 3- Like/Comment/Tag a friend on any of our posts within 5 minutes of it being posted! (Pro Tip: You can earn unlimited entries by commenting on any of our posts across all of our social media channels as long as you do it within 5 minutes. More entries= More chances to win! )  

STEP 4- Cross your fingers & paws and stay tuned as we announce a new winner every...

Meet Sara, Hero, Marvel, and Loki! And make sure to catch them in the finale of America's Got Talent! We had a moment to talk with Sara and get all the details on her and her #impactpups!

Where did your dog’s come from?

Hero is from a farm in Ontario, Canada. Marvel is from a family in San Francisco and Loki is a rescue from Oklahoma. 

How old?

Hero- 6 Marvel- 2 Loki-1

When did you get them?

I got Hero when he was just a pup , Marvel was around 8 months old when I found her and Loki was around 5 weeks old. 

How did you find out they were talented?

Honestly, from the moment I met each pup I knew they were special. Sometimes a dog comes into your life and changes everything. Thats 100% a true statement. 

How did you come up with your performance?

Each dog has their own special talents. I try to give them each their time to shine, while just having a good time! 

Which Impact Dog Crates do you use?

I have a few - 400 and 300 series~ Love them and the pups love their fans too!!! 

How has an Impact Dog Crate Impacted you and your pup’s lives?

The pups are now safe and secure when we travel across the country. It's also extremely handy to have fans that keep the air...

Determined Belgian Malinois with separation anxiety has finally met his match, a dog crate that can keep him contained, and safe.


Temperatures still seem to keep dropping without a warm sun in sight! With these frigid temperatures comes an important question. How cold is too cold for your pup? This helpful chart comes from and is a great starting point for determining if it is too cold outside for your pup. 

Other helpful tips! ❤️

Bundle up your pup! Just like you would bundle up your self or your kids! Don't leave your pup unprotected from the cold temperatures! A warm fleece jacket or sweater can make a huge difference in keeping your pup warm and happy. 

Booties are your pup's best friend! With these cold temperatures, ice, and snow also bring deicer which can be toxic to your pup when their bare paws are exposed. The deicer and salt that is often left on sidewalks and driveways can also irritate paws and create chapped paws! Simple pet booties or paw balms can be lifesavers during these winter months! Click here for a DIY paw balm recipe! 

Don't risk it! There are many factors to consider when determining if the outside whether is too cold, such as coat type, coat color, weight, size, age, and health. Always side on the side of caution and use the chart above to help determine if it...

"Oh my gosh...Look over there... A new pup you have never met before... Wow they are so cute....Should I go and pet him? "

These thoughts run through most people's minds as soon as they see those adorable puppy eyes, they want to get to the dog as fast as possible and let them know just how much they adore them, but this can pose a risk to not only dog owners & their pups but to yourself. Here are some helpful tips from the American Kennel Club for greeting a new dog. 

- Always walk slowly and quietly to the dog's owner to ask if you can pet the dog 

- If the owner says "yes" curl your hand into a closed fist with the back of your hard facing upward. Extend your hand slowly to the dog 

- Allow the dog to sniff the back of your hand. We recognize people on sight; dogs recognize people by scent. Dog's sniff people to learn their scent. 

- After the dog has sniffed your hand and become familiar with you, pet it gently under the chin or on the chest. 

- Respect a dog's space. Do not stick your face into a dog's face or poke or prod at a dog with your hands this may make the dog feel afraid.  

Follow these tips and tricks to have the most success when meeting your next best fur...

If you spotted this 2 1/2 year old Labrador swimming at the beach, you probably wouldn't guess that his job title is not a professional dog-fish. This handsome doggo is actually a full-time Medical Alert Service Dog who works alongside his sweet handler, Jenny. 
Anders' profession requires years of training to learn how to utilize his ability to sense a specific medical crisis before it happens, and before Anders' handler is aware that the crisis is imminent. Learn more about Anders' life on the job in this week's Working Dog Wednesday feature!


!-- Created with Shogun. --


An Impact Aluminum Dog Crate is engineered with your pup's safety as our # 1 priority. All of our Impact Crates are made right here in the USA and undergo vigerous safety and quality checks to ensure you are getting the safest and best crate for your pup. Our crates are made from 100% aircraft grade aluminum and 100% stainless steel locking mechanisms. NO PLASTIC PARTS ANYWHERE. These crates are built to last a lifetime and each crate comes with a Limited Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty.


Aluminum is a lifetime lasting metal! Not only is it extremely durable but also rust resistant! In comparission to a wire or plastic crate aluminum takes the gold for not only being able to withstand Impact and stay in tact to protect your pup, but it is also lightweight and makes for very easy transporting! See the picture below and notice how our collapsible crate does not budge even with 1000 pounds of metal stacked on top!


Aluminum is UV restistant. This is the ultimate material for keeping your pup safe, secure, and...

!-- Created with Shogun. --

FIND OUT WHY YOU SHOULD choose impact for your dog crating needs!


"Best dog crate I ever owned! I highly recommend purchasing an Impact Crate for your dog and you won't be disappointed. I was excited to receive my crate and assemble it. I love the fact that my German Shepherd is safe and secure in her crate while traveling to dog training, seminars, dog shows, and other events. I purchased an X-Large Stationary crate in Red and I have received many compliments on my crate. I also like the fact that the crates are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. Don't wait, go purchase an Impact Crate and be apart of the Impact community."- Lisa

Picking the right dog crate for your pup can be crucial in the health and happiness of not only your pup but yourself as well! You want to make sure your pup is going to be not only safe and secure but comfortable as well. With so many crate options on the market we wanted to break down what you should look for when choosing your pup's crate. There are many popular crating options out there, some of the most popular include wire and...