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The kennel "MASTIFFHILLS", has begun the existence in 2004.


We kennel is engaged in breeding of following breeds English mastiff and an English bulldog

Owner kennel "MASTIFFHILLS" - Mrs. Golnikova Svetlana


History kennel "MASTIFFHILLS"

Idea to be engaged in professional breeding of dogs has come not at once. In the beginning we as well as others were the simple fans, decided to get for the house of beautiful and imposing dogs of breed English mastiff. Mastiffs - one of the most convenient breeds in the maintenance for a country life and dialogue with children and on these quiet and counterbalanced giants we also have stopped the choice. We have bought the first mastiffs in France as in this country the given breed not only is popular but also as is exposed to strict selection on quality of health, character and an ex-terrier.
We wished to have at home not simply bright representatives of breed, but the main thing - animals with absolutely steady mentality and excellent health. All managed to be carried out it, having bought in France in leaders kennels four excellent puppies mastiffs.
Our first dogs brindle colour male CH VOLTAIRE DE LA LOUVAGERIE bought in kennel "LOUVAGERIE", the fawn colour male VERSAL DES CHENAIES DE COM PYSTOU bought in kennel "COM PYSTOU" and two sisters brindle colour and fawn colour CH VALRHONA BRULLEMAIL and CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL, bought in the best the European kennel "BRULLEMAIL".



Acquisition of these two last dogs in a consequence has translated us from the category in fans in professionals. CH VALRHONA BRULLEMAIL and CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL it is literally right after arrival to Russia became stars of rings winning one for another all new and new Dog Show. The highest quality of these animals, their unique pedigree qualities have forced us seriously to reflect on the installer of the professional kennel which is engaged in breeding of dogs of given breed. Having made of such decision, in 2004, we had been officially registered professional kennel "MASTIFFHILLS" and we have obtained the permit to professional breeding.

In 2005 in Hungary, in kennel "KOROSDOMBI", we had been got young fawn colour dog CH KOROSDOMBI LYON, subsequently become to one of the most titled for all history of breed mastiff. CH KOROSDOMBI LYON, became the first Russian dog received a title of the Champion of England, 2 multiple winner of the World championship of 2005-2006, the winner of the European championship of 2005, the winner of Specialised Dog Show of National clubs Hungary, Russia, Finland, France, Germany, winner Best in Show in Switzerland (Lausanne 2005), the Champion of 15 countries, the owner 25 CACIB.
CH KOROSDOMBI LYON- outstanding mastiff the time and simply excellent friend for us its owners.





The basic stud-dog of our kennel of a steel: CH VALRHONA BRULLEMAIL (JCh MDA BGR RUS Ch MDA RUS LTU BGR MKD KAZ ROM Multi Int), CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL (JCh ARG LUX RUS Ch FIN RUS UKR BEL EST SVN Ch VDH JWW Multi Int, and as the numerous winner International Dog Show and National Specialized Dog Show: France National English Mastiff Dog Show (Best Junior, BOS), Switzerland (BJ), Continental European Dog Show Belgium (BOS), Switzerland (BOS), French Annual Open Dog Show (BOB), France National English Mastiff Dog Show 2008 (BOS) etc.), and CH KOROSDOMBI LYON (Multi Int Ch VEN RUS DNK LUX LTU FIN GBR POL VDH 2xWW EUR, and as the numerous winner International Dog Show and National Specialized Dog Show in Holland (BOB), Slovakia (2BOB), Austria (2BOB), France National English Mastiff Dog Show (BOB, BIS), Switzerland (BOB, BIS), Continental European Dog Show Belgium (BOB, French Annual Open Dog Show (BOS) etc.).



At the heart of their pedigrees basically dogs of the American breeding - kennels as "GROPETTI" and "WILEYWAYS". The father our two stud dog CH VALRHONA BRULLEMAIL and CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL, is the fine stud dog and show mastiff CH WILEYWAYS CONRAD, bought in Denmark from known American kennel "WILEYWAYS". Mother, SUGAR AND SPICE BRULLEMAIL, has been received from stud dog and show mastiff CH HUGEDOGGE BARBIROLLI SIR PURCEL, the father of several World champions posterity has won 3 titles of the World champion, including 2 Young World champions, and also 5 Champions and Multi of Champions in France, to Germany, in Denmark, and bitch stud dog of great English kennel "BREDWARDINE", and BREDWARDINES'S BRULLEMAIL.


CH KOROSDOMBI LYON, was born in the Hungarian kennel "KOROSDOMBI", from two American stud dog GROPETTI TINNY ZAWISZA and LIONSIRE GROPETTI MIDNIGHT belonging to the American kennel "GROPETTI". One of the most known mastiffs made in this kennel, is CH SEMPER FI GROPETTI GARGOULE, its nickname meets as and in pedigree our three stud dog.




Our litter mastiff we have received the first in 2006 from pair CH KOROSDOMBI LYON and CH VALRHONA BRULLEMAIL. In a dung there were 4 puppies, two from which apricot dog CH MASTIFFHILLS MISTER MAGIC (Ch RUS, Ch National Club Mastiff Russia, GRAND Ch RUS) and brindle bitch CH MASTIFFHILLS MOONLIGHT SHADOW (JCH RUS SVN LUX CH RUS LTU FIN LUX EST), have been left in our kennel.







The second litter has been received too from CH VALRHONA BRULLEMAIL and the Italian Champion CH CARLO MAGNO DEL FRACASSO (Ch EUR 2007, INT CH, MULTI Ch, Ch ITA, Ch HRV, Italian Club Social Champion, Ch Dell ' Emilia, JCh SMR, Nederland Club Champion, Slovenian Molosser Club Champion, French Club Champion). In total in litter there were 9 puppies. Two puppies as have been left in ours kennel the fawn colour bitch CH MASTIFFHILLS WINTER SHANDA (JCh RUS, Ch RUS, JCh Nationality Club Mastiff Russia) and fawn colour dog CH MASTIFFHILLS WURREL CROSS (JCh RUS, JCh Nationality Club Mastiff Russia, Ch RUS, Ch Nationality Club Mastiff Russia, GRAND Ch RUS, JCH WW 08, EUR 08 Ch, Ch HUN, Ch National Mastiff Club of Hungary, 8xBIS, and as the numerous winner International Dog Show and National Specialized Dog Show: International Dog Show EURAZIA-2008, Russia (BJ, BOB); French Annual Open Dog Show, France, Lyon (BJ); INTERNATIONAL SWEDISH CLUB SHOW, Sweden, Stockholm (Best Junior, BOS); WORLD DOG SHOW 2008, Sweden, Stockholm (Best Junior, JWW, CAC, BOB); INTERNATIONAL DOG SHOW, Poland, Sopot (CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG, BIS); France National English Mastiff Dog Show (BOB); European Dog Show 2008, Hungry, Budapest (CAC, CACIB, BOB, European Champion) etc.) . Received as a result of this pairing mastiffs, practically all are Champions, all of them unconditional leaders on rings. Especially it would be desirable to note a young dog left in our kennel - CH MASTIFFHILLS WURREL CROSS. In 2008, this young dog became the winner of 8 Best in Show, 2 times became reserve winner Best in Show, 9 times were won by Best in group. CH MASTIFFHILLS WURREL CROSS from a class of juniors became the Best of Breed in the WorldDogSHow of 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden, has won three specialised Dog Show of National clubs of Sweden, France and Russia.





The birth of five puppies from pair CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL and TOP-STUD DOG the American Champion CH MADIGAN'S DOC HOLIDAY became one of the most significant events in ours kennel in 2007. CH MADIGAN'S DOC HOLIDAY unique stud dog, the father of huge number of Champions in the world. Unfortunately it is last it was viscous this great stud dog. CH MADIGAN'S DOC HOLIDAY has died at the age of 8 years in two days after pairing with CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL. All of us very much waited for a birth of these puppies as in Europe there is only one dog, its lineal descendant CH MESSIAH'S OLV TRUE LOVE. This outstanding a bough became the winner of the most prestigious English Dog Show CRUFT in 2007 and as has won WORLDDOGSHOW 2008 in Sweden as it has a title of Inter and Multi of Champion. In 2007, the largest Dog Show of America was won by two other outstanding dogs, as being lineal descendants CH MADIGAN'S DOC HOLIDAY, the brother and sister - CH. LAZY D'S FAMILY TRADITION and CH. LAZY D'S DIXIELAND TUPELO HONEY. To Australia, the largest show of 2007, were won by a young dog, son CH MADIGAN'S DOC HOLIDAY - Ch AUST YANOOR TIP O THE ICEBERG aka CLINTON. In ours kennel two puppies from it - fawn bitch MASTIFFHILLS EXPENSIVE THING (JCh RUS, JCh Nationality Club Mastiff Russia) and brindle dog MASTIFFHILLS EXTREME TIGER (JCh RUS, France National English Mastiff Dog Show (Best Junior) European Moloss Show 2008, Hungry, Budapesht (Best Junior)) have been left. At the National Dog Show of club "MASTIFF-BULLMASTIF" of France of 2008, MASTIFFHILLS EXTREME TIGER and it sister MASTIFFHILLS ESSENCE BEAUTY living in France in kennel "BRULLEMAIL", became winners junior classe and their mother, CH VENUS-BEAUTE BRULLEMAIL in the second time has won title BOS, becoming two multiple winner of this prestigious specialised Dog Show. MASTIFFHILLS EXPENSIVE THING fawn bitch, left in ours kennel, became the best junior on specialised National Dog Show of club "MASTIFF" of Russia with 2008.

Kennel MASTIFFHILLS on NATIONAL DOG SHOW MASTIFF-BULLMASTIFF FRANCE became absolute winners! For us the victory mastiff our breeding was especially joyful.